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A New Jersey Winter at Farms View

Farms View transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season with hundreds of real Christmas trees on display and a wide range of Christmas decorations and gifts.

Christmas Trees

Farms View offers a large selection of real Christmas trees during the holiday season. We feature over 200 Christmas trees standing on display in all different varieties and sizes! We use a special Stand Strait Christmas Tree Stand that allows you to view all sides of a tree before purchasing it.

Fresh cuts and netting are provided for FREE.  Stand Strait Christmas Tree Stands are also available for purchase in our Farm Market. Stand your tree with in seconds – no adjusting or centering – it’s already centered when you take it home!  


Farms View also offers a large selection of Christmas and holiday supplies, gifts, and decorations:

Christmas Wreaths

We offer a variety of pre-made and custom-order Christmas wreaths ranging in shape, size, and embellishments. All of our wreath decorating is done by hand right here at the farm. If you have a vision for a specific design, choose from our wreath options and we will decorate your wreath to your specifications and liking!

Wreath Options:

  • Sizes: 10 to 82 inches

  • Decorated or plain wreaths available in Fraser or mixed greens

  • Shapes: round, square, heart-shaped, and star-shaped

  • Embellishments include bows and ribbon in a variety of color and patterns, Christmas lights, and more

Holiday Centerpieces

Looking to add an extra touch of beauty to your table? Choose from one of our pre-made holiday centerpieces or let us create a custom piece just for you!

Other Christmas Decorations & Supplies

  • Stand Strait Christmas Tree Stands

  • Grave Blankets

  • Evergreen Roping

  • Christmas Kissing Balls

  • Pretty Pots

  • Christmas Gifts & Gift Baskets

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